Feminism and the Destruction of the World Pt 3: Feminism

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One of the things people will say, “I want equality.  In fact, I’m passionate about the inequality that I see around me.  But I’m not a feminist”.  One of the most common reasons you’ll hear is “because I’m guy”.  Another is a long list of political issues that might send anti-feminists into a frenzy.  Typically these positions are unfairly maligned and over simplified.  For example, Rush Limbaugh once said that feminism is dedicated to “ensuring that as many abortions as possible occur”.    In real life feminism has very little to do with abortion.  If anything feminism’s strong stance of family planning, health care, and education would do much to end abortion as it exists today.

You have people who hate feminism because of weird internecine struggles between various anti-injustice groups.  Minority groups for example feel affronted by the lack of support they perceive they’re getting from feminists groups.  To be honest as a member of neither any specific feminist group or minority groups, I’m not well versed in the sundry fights.  I can say of all the ones I’m aware of they’re all pretty stupid.

Finally, there’s your feminazi.  Rush is a complete tool, a disgusting person, and a vile human being but his colorful description is thoroughly lodged in the public consciousness.  There are women out there who in their quest for equality are particularly acerbic. Or people are repulsed by celebrities who are ill-informed or crazy and claiming to be a feminist.

Every movement will have their inappropriately militant or evangelical members.  They’re going to get bogged down in silly fights.  They’re going to get unfairly maligned by their idiotic detractors.  It’s understandable that the entire world’s history of inequality and discrimination toward women might make a person justifiably angry.  But the point of feminism isn’t to punish men but to create a better world for everyone.  Sadly that isn’t always the message that gets conveyed.  However, no movement dedicated to equality will ever make this country a worse place to be.  AT the end of the day feminism is ultimately self-defeating as a movement.  As it succeeds there will be less need for it.  It probably won’t happen any time soon.  But anything worth doing will take some time.


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