Get married, move, don’t get home sick

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Today I’m eating Domino’s Pizza for dinner.  ‘Why?’ you ask.  Surely there’s cheaper, better, closer pizza than Dominos. Because, Dear Reader, it’s not about pizza any more.  Let me tell you about my year.  Sometime in mid January I started panicking about my imminent proposal in February.  On February 25 I proposed to my girlfriend -now wife.  “Wait,” you say, “you said, ‘this year'”  I did.   Hang on.   After I proposed in February, I finished and graduated from my Master’s program. That was fun.  For those of you counting, this will be my second grad school program, neither of which went as planned.  After that, I moved out of my apartment which was in no way stressful (sarcasm).  I moved in with my then fiancee which opened up whole new areas of my life.  I spent a few short summer months acclimating.  Sorta.  My engagement ended abruptly in July when I got married to the love of my life, in my favorite tea shop, surrounded by my closest friends and family.  On July 29, 30, and 31 (yes, the day after I got married) I moved my wife and myself out of our little apartment into the spare bedroom of our friend and wasn’t that an adventure.

So moving.  We rented a U-haul UBox and we rented a truck for the day and borrowed my Dad for some heavily lifting.  We loaded the truck and took our stuff to the location where our Ubox was being stored.  It wasn’t there.  They sent us to a warehouse 30 minutes away.  The Ubox still wasn’t there and the staff there hadn’t been told by the previous location that we were coming.  So we hung out for an hour until they finally found one and we unloaded our stuff.  We found out later that you can build a Ubox from scratch if you have the kit.  We think that those poor guys went and built us one as fast as they could so kudos to the Auburn guys.  However, that’s when we found out about the slight issues that Uhaul had with it’s advertising.  The Ubox doesn’t hold a one bedroom apartment’s worth of stuff.  It holds one room of a one-room apartment.  So your bed and some clothes but not your kitchen or your library or any of the other stuff that makes life worth living.  So we get to triage our stuff.  We saved the library and sacrificed the kitchen.  The rest we packed into boxes and stored at my father-in-law’s garage.

So after living at our friend’s place for 2 weeks or so we left on a 10 day trip across the country so we could permanently move to Boston and live in an apartment we’ve never seen before.  After 10 days of wife, cat, dog, myself in a little teeny tiny care and surrounded unending cornfields, September rolls around.  We move in to our new apartment, Kat starts school, I look for jobs and begin to navigate Massachusetts bureaucracy, and furnish our apartment and replace all the stuff we left in the move.  Which brings us to moving in. (Have you counted the number of moves? that’s twice in about 4 months or so for me).  It takes a week to get our stuff from Uhaul because they’re jerks like that.  Which is fine.  I really enjoyed sleeping on the floor for a week (again with the sarcasm) and several hundred dollars to get our stuff to us and in the apartment.  Which is fine, we’re two students and newly married we have plenty of money (more sarcasm).  It’ll take several more weeks and a bit over a thousand dollars to get all the stuff from my Father-in-law’s garage to the apartment.  Which they leave at the curb.  Which I have to move single handedly.  During the hottest part of the year. Which I’m happy to do but PHEW! that’s a lot of work.    Also around this time, Kat has a minor medical emergency which requires several trips to the urgent care.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t that urgent but at this point we’re still setting up our insurance and health care providers and urgent care was really the best we could do at the time.  ALSO right around this time we start fussing around with getting the car registered which we can’t do if we have a ticket and we keep getting tickets because the car isn’t registered (yes, that’s a thing here).  And Kat has to fuss with officially changing her name with various banks, governments, and institutions (remember we’ve been married now for little over a month) which results in a comical succession of errors which she has to deal with.

But back to week one.  So a week in, I’m really excited about 2 job prospects one of which I actually land.  But it’s only 5 hrs a week.  When the rush of a new job fades, the old depression starts to come back along with the anxiety and insecurity which is mostly the month of August and on going.  This reaches its height when I find out earlier in November that one of my ol’ Alma Maters, USC, has decided to make my life a great deal harder.  On the heels of this literal soul crushing disappointment (literal? can you crush a soul literally? it felt literal, but then so would metaphorical soul crushing.  Can you be literal when talking about the soul or is that just pure metaphor?) But soon after I find out that it won’t be as hard as I thought to get a teacher’s license but it will take until December until I get my scores back and we can move forward.  So a little whiplash there.  This brings us up to last week where I get an exceedingly promising lead of a short term but full time employment for the next several months.  This being November I will NOT be able to travel to California or Washington to be with family which is also very disappointing.  It looks like I won’t be able to see family this December either.  On the other hand, this is the first thanksgiving hosted by Generation 2.0.  So I’ll be spending the holidays with my sister and my future Brother-in-law.  Both of whom are utterly awesome and the holiday will be epic.  This is very exciting, but it’s also change and have you heard about my year yet?

So tonight, just for tonight, I’m going to have over-priced, unremarkable, exceedingly familiar junk food by the way of Dominos Pizza.


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