The Cure for Destructive Flatulence

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My dog will sometimes pass gas that I swear could be weaponized, but he’s not the creature that you should worry about.  That would be your steak.  I say steak because while I know people who keep cows as pets, those cows are an extreme oddity compared to the vast majority of cows.  The conditions in which your food is birthed, grown, and slaughtered is a nightmare, but I don’t care much about that.  I care about those things which affect me, and to a lesser extent the entire human race.  In this case, I’m deeply concerned about the air I breathe.  Aside from gasses that bovine’s produce. the entire system dedicated to their food and care is exceedingly toxic.  The corn that we grow to feed these cows, the associated run off, and transportation is unsustainable and damages vast swaths of our waterways, including a vast VAST deadzone in the Gulf of Mexico where, aside from some bacteria, absolutely zero life grows there.  The vast amount of solid and liquid wastes that cows produce is dangerously toxic, and yes the gasses that they belch and fart are a threat to the global status quo.   I mean global warming.  I know, a few people might not believe in global warming and those people will take a special place in my “Why people are stupid” series.  A recent news report says that our methane production in this country (a polite term for cow farts) is 50% more than we had originally estimated.  In case you weren’t counting methane is far more potent of a global warming gas. What in can be done about all this pollution?  We reform and expand a huge government bureaucracy to enforce an expensive and punitive legal paradigm.

Just Kidding.  We stop eating beef.  You hate something about an industry like the cattle industry you boycott it.  It’s evil for many reasons, unhealthy for many reasons more.   Laws do need to be enforced and there are plenty on the books.  The land, water, and air are corporate property.  You aren’t allowed to pollute the things we all use, but the solution here is personal responsibility.  Responsibility on an individual and mass level. Information is the currency of the modern age.  If we want to cure the country’s problems, the key is information and responsibility.



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