My Goal for the Holiday

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My goals for the holiday are a little different this year than years past.  In years past the goal has always been survival.  I want to get through the holiday with a minimum of fuss, demonstrate some sort of familial feeling, and try to do so on the cheap.  Family hasn’t always been a priority for me.  During my undergrad years, I saved up every penny I could during the summers in order to fund a little traveling over the holiday vacation.  I can only imagine how my family must have felt.  Equal parts jealousy and loneliness I suppose.   Don’t regret it for a second.  In fact, this is a policy I intend to institute the second my standard of living improves enough to allow it.  But as I just said this year is a little different than years past.  This year I got married.  Not only did I get married but the vast majority of my family were not invited.  Also something I don’t regret.  (I really loved the very small, very intimate wedding).    But having excluded most of the family this year I do feel the need to include them in my life this holiday season.  This means the Christmas cards, little pictures and notes, and gifts to far flung relatives.

Another thing that happened this year is, after getting married, I moved.  Through sheer happenstance my sister also moved not far.  It brings a little stability to my life that has been chaotic.  So it’s a little more important than the norm to spend time with family.  My wife also has family issues that need to be addressed.  Her needs must always come first and this is not always easy.  Before Kat can host her family we’ve got some chores that need to be done.  Tomorrow morning I’m going to do some laundry.  Tonight I’m going to clean the bathroom.


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