Things I love about my wife

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I love how my wife is ruthlessly honest.  She may not always choose to tell me how she’s feeling or what she’s thinking, but when she does it’s the most honest thing in the world.  

I love the way my wife cares about people, particularly the outgroups.  Groups that don’t have the support or resources that others do.  And these aren’t always the groups I would have thought of.  

I love that my wife can’t not do something about these groups.  Obviously she can’t solve world hunger, or childhood obesity single handedly, She’s not stupid.  But what she can do, she does.  

I love how my wife doesn’t care about people, particularly the utter bastards.  Some people deserve to be smacked in the face.  As a committed pacifist she would never actually do it, but she’ll gleefully watch as you face the consequences of your bad behavior.  And, if you fall too low into one of the outgroups, she’ll help you get back on track.  She’s that kind of woman.  

I love my wife’s cooking.  Most recently she’s been making a pot pie that, if I’m executed tomorrow, I want for my last meal.

I love my wife’s physical appearance.  Enough said, full stop.  

I love my wife’s sense of humor.  She’s witty and sarcastic.  All the overwhelming stupidity in the world becomes small and laughable when you’re with her.  It’s also hard to take yourself too seriously for any length of time.  

I love being there for her when she’s not feeling like taking on the world today, because there are days like that, and she’s always there for me when life gets me down.  Sometimes she’s there for me with a swift kick in the rear, because sometimes I need that, other times she’s there with tea and encouragement.  And how she knows when to go which direction I’ll never know but she’s usually right.

I love how my wife “gets me”.  As a writer I hate that phrase.  It’s vague and cliche.  Unfortunately I have no other way to say it.  She seems to understand how I think and feel about the world in a way that no one else has been able.  I’m terrible at using my words to describe feelings, and states of being, but no matter how terrible I am she seems to get it.  She “gets me”.  

She hates math and science and that’s rough sometimes since that’s what I do.  But she’s always there with some support and encouragement when I try to beat a little of it into the minds of my students.  Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I get to trick her into learning a little as well.  That’s always fun for me and I love that about her too.  

I love how my wife’s problems and afflictions don’t pull her psyche apart.  We all have our issues, but she’s always ready confront them.  

I love how a good date is spending time in a book store.  A great date is a used book store.

I love my wife.  She can be fun, frustrating, and fantastic all at the same time.  I know I’m still figuring out this husband thing, but it’s the most exciting thought I have is that I have my entire life to work on it.  I look forward to spending every moment with her (well, aside from that all important man-time solitude).  She’s a wonderful woman and I love her more than I can say.


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