Post hoc morality and a gay cake

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I was the unfortunate witness to a discussion on social media regarding a letter a young woman had written to her conservative Christian church and it’s affiliated college about the struggles and pain she suffered because of her sexual orientation. The arguments against her further inclusion into the church are based around a narrow reading of scriptures and the conservative view of immorality.  They have a point, the church would not tolerate murderers and thieves and other “sinners” openly and notoriously practicing their immorality.  To anyone not lost in a well of bitterness and hatred the differences between a thief and a gay person should be abundantly clear.

I am perplexed at why liberal society must continually explain that sexual and gender orientation is not a choice.  Not only is it not a choice, but even if it was, the relationships people have is not deleterious to others.  Criminal behavior results in harm to others, that’s why it’s criminal.  Sexuality is not only not deleterious, but is exceedingly beneficial.  We want people to have healthy positive relationships.  Gay and Straight.

Let’s not kid ourselves that anti-gay bigotry is somehow intrinsic to our society or religion.  We don’t hate gay people because of some text in the bible.  We hate people because we’re small minded petty people who find hatred easier to inflict upon the world than love and acceptance.  We find justification for hatred purely after the fact.  And yes, that makes us bad people.

Now we’re going through the tale of the two gay cakes.  A gay couple wanted a cake to celebrate a wonderful event: their wedding.  They were denied.  In our system of law, you can not discriminate a class of individuals.  Not only is it morally wrong, but it creates a severe economic and social barrier to the class of individuals that impedes the order and good function of our society.  If you don’t want to celebrate a gay wedding no one is asking you to, but you do need to fulfill the social contract you’ve made with our society.

Part two of this drivel is a hate monger in the guise of a christian pastor asked a gay couple to make a cake that denigrates the gay community.  This is not the same as refusing to make a cake that celebrates something positive.  Not only that, subsequently the pastor targeted this couple and their business for continual malicious harassment that has, as of this writing, shut down the bakery.

How long are Christians going to listen to their inner demons?  How much longer are you going to harass, exclude, and vilify vulnerable members of our community. Do Christians seriously have no ability to comprehend the pain and suffering they are causing on a daily basis?  Does it not bother them?  It breaks my heart that we have so many people so steeped in rage and fear.  Whether it be homophobia, racism, or simpler secular politics, anger and fear are a disease destroying lives.

It’s time for change.  You will forever be an intellectually stunted individual until you can abandon old prejudices and xenophobia.  When you can live a life that uplifts the smallest and weakest individuals, then we can examine the intellectual underpinnings of your life.  There is no thought, no science, no philosophy beyond that which uplifts another person.


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