Why I’m supporting Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton

The right will go through it’s hundred and one candidates in a an unending series of Reagan-fetishistic debates where candidates are eventually whittled down by their own incompetence. In fact, it’s already happening. Chris Christie is already out before he had a chance to run. On the left, you’ll have Hillary and a handful of straw candidates. (Or maybe not so straw depending on how seriously O’Malley is taking himself). Liberals are unenthused with Hillary. She comes with a lot of baggage. She’s a moderate democrat not a socialist or even a social democrat. She’s not even a progressive.

Be that as it may, she is not merely better than a republican. I know liberals are frustrated and so we’ll forgive them their self-sabotaging cannibalistic  insults and tendencies. For the record if Democrats screw this up, that will be how and why.

One of the reasons I love Hillary Clinton as a President is that she has absolutely zero principles. She is as far from a true believer as it’s possible to be. I know it sounds like a bad thing, but I’m not willing to martyr my cause for somewhat nebulous principles. I want someone who will get things done. I want someone who will fight for grand reforms and revolutions, but who at the end of the day will accept compromise rather than suffer total defeat if the political winds turn.  I want a politician who knows where to put their political capital to do the most good. That’s Hillary Clinton and no one else in the political landscape.

She will be effective in advancing some of the most important issues of our day. Immigration? She supports a path to citizenship. Where that’s not possible (for which we have only minorities to blame) she supports interim measures like drivers licenses. Abortion, birth control, LGBT rights, women’s rights, minorities, early education etc. she’s been an advocate for social policies her entire career, both in and out of public service.

One of her top priorities is income inequality, and we can be certain tax reform will be a major priority in the coming days. She’s also a strong environmentalist, supports cap-and trade, alternative energies and other regulations.

In short, she’s everything you’d expect from a left-of-center Democrat.  What she isn’t is a bomb-throwing radical who wants to tear down the system and build a new one. She’s not going to nationalize the banks or the energy companies, she isn’t going to nationalize healthcare, especially with the Obamacare framework put in  place. She’s not going to take away the guns. She’ll probably put in place a tougher Warren-esque regulatory environment in place. She probably won’t do Jack about guns until the political environment changes. Personally, there are far more important issues to deal with than tilting at that particular windmill.

Foreign affairs we can expect her to continue to support our allies while working for diplomatic and economic solutions. Drones? Yes. Expensive foreign occupations? No. America can not remain passive but neither can we intervene. Especially in places like the Middle East. It will take a delicate hand to thread that needle, but if anyone can, it’s her. No other politician, GOP or DEM, has that kind of experience.

Liberals, for the last 30 years this country has been slowly clawing our way back from a conservative paradigm. You will not find any sufficiently liberal politician that has a hope of winning the election and enacting their agenda. Trying for too much too fast will only hand an easy victory to conservatives. Hillary will probably win without the wellspring if support liberals can afford. In the election for president I can think of any politician that isn’t loathed by all except the base. But this isn’t about just the Presidency in tens of thousands of races are candidates that need that support. All those victories important to the liberal base at the national level can easily be undone at the state level. Millions of poor people have been denied access to healthcare because Republican governors have been sacrificing them in their puerile attempts at spiting Obamacare. Only a selfish whiny party would wallow in apathy because their candidates aren’t sufficiently liberal. Take a lesson from the last election when minorities and liberals stayed home. This country deserves the republican majorities it elected.


4 thoughts on “Why I’m supporting Hillary Clinton

    phadde2 said:
    April 24, 2015 at 2:36 pm

    I’ve followed your blog for a couple of days now, and read a few posts.

    An observation.

    If you’re wife calls you a neocon and you still are justifying the Iraq War and foreign intervention, it doesn’t surprise me that you would also endorse Hillary Clinton.

    Personally out of my own principles, I wouldn’t vote for Clinton. While many blame Bush for downturn in the economy. The Bill Clinton administration supported the repeal of Glass-Steagall Act, new deal legislation, which viewed by some to be one of the main causes of the recession. The Clinton administration also signed the NAFTA agreement saying “”NAFTA means jobs. American jobs, and good-paying American jobs. If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t support this agreement.” Oops… The AFL-CIO blames the agreement for sending 700,000 American manufacturing jobs to Mexico from 95-2011, among other things.

    Barack Obama even tries to separate himself from NAFTA:

    Personally, Hillary hasn’t done anything in my mind to separate herself from that legacy. Overall, what are her accomplishments that leave any to believe her ‘pragmatic’ nature will accomplish anything? I’m pulling a democrat ballot in the primary and finding a better Democrat candidate to vote for instead of Hillary, maybe Lincoln Chafee or Jim Webb. If she wins, hopefully the GOP has found a viable candidate.

    My prediction is if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, she will be rejected during her re election bid much like HW Bush after 8 years of Reagan. The liberals, after electing a woman president, to find a definite war hawk, will abandon her to leave her base too depleted to mount a successful reelection.

    Also, tell your wife, neocons do not write things like the quotes below.

    “Trying for too much too fast will only hand an easy victory to conservatives. ”

    ‘Take a lesson from the last election when minorities and liberals stayed home. This country deserves the republican majorities it elected.”

      TheCentrist responded:
      April 24, 2015 at 3:42 pm

      Your blaming her for things two other presidents have done? That’s more than a little crazy. But fine. I don’t agree with Hillary on every issue either. For example she supports high stakes testing in schools. But I’m not going to be unenthusiastic about her candidacy because I disagree with her in a few ways.

      Here’s what happens if Liberals don’t rally around Clinton. Worst case scenario we get a GOP president, house, and senate. Either in 2016 or 2020 (in your scenario). That means tax cuts, attacks on Social Security, a true war hawk, and an assault on the environment. Second worst Hillary wins but without enough support to develop a mandate and you have the same bickering self-sabotaging deadlock that’s held back progress. But what’s worse is the drama played out at the state level where freedoms are being curtailed, and services like healthcare, especially reproductive healthcare, are going away.

      End of story you want a true liberal government you have to build it. You need to grow a base of support. Look at republicans they keep trying for a theocratic libertarian but the end up with someone like Romney that has a shot in the general but whom the base doesn’t support and the infighting does them in. But hey if during the primary you want to throw your support for Webb or one of the other straw candidates great. But she’ll need much more support during the general.

    phadde2 said:
    April 26, 2015 at 10:30 am

    Well, you’re completely entitled to your beliefs. However, a ‘true war hawk’ is perception, Hillary in my estimation is one of the truest definitions. I’ll completely concede that her husbands presidency is not technically her legacy, but as she has always used it to launch her political career, she must also live with it’s failures. However to be fair many of the economic woes could be argued to be the cause of Greenspan’s mismanagement of the FED.

    She has negative history in the watergate proceedings, and she also has connection to the white water scandals. I’m not even discussing what any of her opponents will bring up like her vote for the Iraq War, although you agree, to most will hurt her. Also many believe her to be an inept Secretary of State, who either failed or at the minimum did nothing. In my opinion there are better democrats.

    TheCentrist responded:
    April 26, 2015 at 11:38 am

    I respect your opinions, but I want clarify my thesis a little. I don’t CARE about her positions all that much. I agree with some and I’ve listed those. But, I want someone that can crush the Republican machine. That’s the real point. In my opinion, Hillary is the only person who can do that.

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